Arcadia Trail™ LED Dog Coat

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This Arcadia Trail LED Coat makes a great addition to you and your dog's outdoor gear. This amazing jacket slips on and off easily and offers a comfortable fit, and is built for outdoor excursions. It offers three LED Light Modes for increased visibility, as well as reflective trim, and is designed with special fabric that reflects and retains your dog's body heat to keep them warmer than a regular coat. Visibility and warmth are valuable allies on the trail, and your dog will experience more of both with this amazing LED coat. 



  • Increased visibility: 3 LED Light Modes, Reflective Trim
  • Rechargeable USB Cord
  • Weather Protection: Insulated for Warmth and water repellent
  • Easy Leash and harness Access
  • Removable snap-back hood
  • Side zip entry for easy on/off
  • Zippered closure
  • Waste Bag Dispenser Pocket & 15 waste bags

    Includes: 1 LED Coat, 15 waste bags

    Intended For: Dog

    Color: Available in Gray or Teal

    Safety/Security Features: LED Light Modes for increased visibility, Reflective Trim